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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 26, 2014 4:00am-6:01am PDT

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the ferry worker strike thank and wreak havoc to and on today's commute. will get more on why they are on strike. meter maid being driven by the foot of the car more on why this happened. we're looking at drying conditions weekends forecast ahead. some of the first on the weekend whether. started things off we have a live look with clear conditions this friday morning. we do has some clouds along the
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coast line. it's not as lucky as you head up this morning. livermore red nagger heading at the 61. it looks like we have some clout to get on the coastline. we are anticipating a lot of sunshine in the afternoon but we're still dealing with a little milk little bit of moisture in the afternoon. there's a possible isolated thunderstorms along some parts of the coastline. for the most part we will seek and dry conditions and sunshine. we're gonna follow the pattern of morning fog in afternoon sunshine until next week. bowen centers the next week we're back in the upper '70's and 80's.
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more details on your forecast coming up in a moment. it's a great time to leave your house expressly the in the bay bridge toll plaza. no reports of any spinoffs to hang. cemetery ridge drive time right now total 13 minutes.3 live up to the golden gate bridge looks good. for old golden gate ferry services has been council canceled due to strike today. and it's gonna affect thousands of riders. it is also going to affect their services to the giants gained. the walkout was called after the union failed to reach a agreement on a contract or making. "going on strike tomorrow is the
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last thing we wanted to. how are the district with its continuing failure to negotiate with us has left us with no choice." the district will be on the jobs that. but sources will not be affected. it is just the golden state ferries services that will be closed. the lease and a 500 people red fairy on an average debt. with 2000 people red sauce little ferry turned we. we expect these people did in their cars and driving over the golden gate bridge today. if you're more questions go to take it out,.
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if you have a chance that the giants tickets the day you will get refunds. a san francisco parking enforcement officer of circus taken by a wild ride. this is on a video showing a coda enforcement officer on the hood of a woman's car. the conceited code enforcement officer on the hood traveling along octavia boulevard toward highway 1 01. a witness reported the whole thing on his phone. the driver is a 33 year-old woman by the name of beaumont's soon. as in court on wednesday. at that time she pled not guilty but authorities said before this year reported issue is seen taking a street cleaning vehicle from her car and putting
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it on another car. the coda for some officers of the whole thing has started writing her ticket. she attempted to start driving off. the code enforcement officer had the job on the hood in order to avoid being run over. to bach's later and almost a mile with his men on the hood months and was stopped by police before the highway and before anyone was hurt. the very use the he saw was shut this intersection at octavia and page. she is being sold taking them on assault and battery. this started in richmond's over the center's felber its ample to give courage and ended with a deadly shooting of a carjacking
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suspect. "vehicles a perlite escalate for hispanic amal. if at this year view is driving in crash a battery string please send a suspect opened fired on good samaritans common to his aid after the crash and and her shop but please. the carjacking big dumb did not want to show my camera here is our experience. "i'm terrified i didn't know where rack up the kurds to jump out. i did not harbor and. i did know how was it with the screen. and the he as some by sinister shot, and i thought i
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could've been shot." those of the chun kilted not been released yet. yesterday's rain that will them change the law hope our truck conditions. this woman climbed onto a roof duke's david berger in los angeles. while the story coming out. the saliva of the cemetery ridge with traffic moving very smoothly this morning. i'm a doctor of internal medicine
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with something terrible to admit. i treated thousands of patients, risked their lives, while high on prescription drugs. i was an addict. i'm recovered now, but an estimated 500,000 medical professionals are still out there, abusing drugs or alcohol. police, airline pilots, bus drivers... they're randomly tested for drugs and alcohol... but not us doctors. you can change that: vote yes on proposition 46. your lives are in our hands.
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assaulted her. amanda bennett her purse when the woman said
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now he shoved her to a grand. the suspect said that he drove away with blue honda and blackwell's. has that crews investigating a series of odor. discovered two bodies and non piu. please send a smell so bad that had the habit evacuate dozens of people from to report and buildings. the fund to direct chemicals and the apartment where the bodies were found. right now they're saying that of of the chemicals for the reason of the deaths.
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live in the mother's lap 7 dry conditions around the area. will give you details on what's expected to run the area.
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the schedule update on a weather and traffic.. a lot of sunshine is expected. we do of some clouds along the coastline up for the most part and it's clear brought along the rest of the bay area. by 3 in the afternoon you will continue with the possibility of a stress our but is should be isolated.
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breaking vendor afternoon high as a lot of '70s of their. temperatures still trimming a little below normal. cushing door to the east bay it lots of sunshine. and along the coastline temperatures and the upper 60s. but in the head slightly warmer conditions of as we haven't the weekend. as we have some next week tempters. certainly will tempters by wednesday and thursday tempters will be in the upper 80s for the warmest and land spots. we're not the we're not looking at and hot spots. paulus where the san
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mateo bridge. a live look at the golden district shows lots of space between cars. taking over to the traffic maps everything looks good. is there shore and- drive time 13 minutes from hercules to berkeley. we're keeping tabs on the of marge schott a water supply. yes his reign did little to make things better. the many rainshowers are more them welcome here however one of the many questions is the ongoing drought which did not help--which rainstorm to the
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help with. the cemetery valley is said to be completely dry. the water is below the dollar for the dam can feed the creek. there will be some environmental consequences for the fish and wildlife here. together this and the other nine reservoirs' and not just 35 percent fall. and milk, and ministers and no one in the u.s. government is aware of any situation of an ice this terrorist attack on a subway station. there is said to
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have a color plot said to a taxable stations but some of paulus said to go about your day as you normally would. after six years and the job attorney-general circle bird is stepping down. some of her prose 0 bullous few original members.
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he is also first african- american to hold discussions. he will remain his post until a successor is confirmed. , harris is expected to take his place. she tried patroon was to place for now. she will continue to work as california's...
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finding moment for an elegant woman having to climb on her roof to afford a burglar. at one. like the intruder at the top of her home. officers arrived investments and sir run at the home. their rusted this man 29 year-old christian sects whose neighbors some may say is a well-known homeless person.
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and minivan in georgia at nearly buried in cough trash. and had it ran into a garbage truck. the drivers of both vehicles were taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries. coming up giants and a's a china make it in the playoffs but still struggling of highlights coming out. let him at the golden gate large terminal is closed today have the ferry operators strike information later on.
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san francisco giants making it to the playoffs for the third time in five years. here the wild-card standings with just three days left. tents are one did one game behind pittsburgh. sam francisco will either play the pirates were the cards-- cardinals. the time and location of the game is yet to be determined however we know it will be one step. the aged and clenched their spot
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and texas. the rangers will tied up in the bottom half of the inning and then in the bottom of the ninth inning to walk off all run and the texas rangers win this game. with the loss they still hold a to gain be over the seattle mariners 1 card spot. this could cleanse a wild-card spot tonight with a win and they lost by seattle. this 16 and 29¢ august 10th. paula biggest missile story of the year derrick g. there with his 20 year career takes its final time on the newark stadium. bond the ninth inning of this game tied into eric g. their hits the warming-winning hit. the yankees hit when 65..
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dinky set three more games in boston tutor says that he is going to play it as a dozen big hitter. coming up on sports night's live will show you to raiders and london looking for their first win in the season and the in-depth look of the giants and a's play off potential. what to update on the fire is burning near pilot climbs is five 95,000 a.. faucet's been
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more than a year sent delicious started on the old gate bridge.
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he said thousands of people are expected. 7000 + people by the ferry per-. the fares are going
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to be writing to them. if you're easily riding of the ferry there gonna have to find another way today. their 415 workers and 15 unions that way to make up some this union. they're unhappy with the pan health benefit packages. last year there was a one day strike that did not affect commuters. now the bus system for the most part will not be affected. but the one partner can't to realize is that those workers are also union workers.
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contemning now 55%. the francis
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course almost 95,000 a.. striking from the mission this chick came back from fighting this fire yesterday. the team said was a tough firefight but they feel that covered a lot of crown. "we were clearing brush ahead of fire and were it with to get ahead of the fire and put and a fire line. lots of chance to work for everybody did a very good job. it was a very rewarding experience." on the big weather and traffic during is over. we are looking at present pretty pleasant and mild weather. today will be cooler than normal and have a possibility of the pop-up shower along the north bank. right now
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getting a out the door tempters in the upper 50s low 60s. it is less money this morning. san jose it right now 57. it is clear for much of the bay area. we're talking lots of sunshine by veteran today future for cash as tempters and '60s and '70s of brown lunch time. britain and thus has to you on all pretty pleasant conditions. high pressure rebuilds as we hadn't the sunday. it looks like will see plenty of '80s as we headed into next week.
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quickly looking a traffic we are hot spot free. you'll notice a handful of cars putting up at the bay bridge toll plaza. no issues or delays as you're heading to the golden gate bridge 23 minutes his return from a lot of and to the city. caltrans said to close again portion of highway 37 throughout the weekend. the roadlast weekeh 2129 and a racetrack. throat closes at 10 tonight and caltrans says it will continue their project. caltrans and
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demolition still on schedule
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an integral california man has been arrested for stealing one and a half millions of million gallons of water for his illegal marijuana farm. he been siphoning water from a subdivision and is now paying $18,000 for the water and
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$43,000 in fines. san francisco's va is writing over new carpooling features. the features are unsafe. the d.a. is acting under pressure from big taxicab this. stewart could still face a civil lawsuit. during his three week hiatus after the crash... more recall, for chrysler. the
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two dozen a model for mayor is in the ignition problem. also recall dodge magnum crisis hundred along with others with ignition switch problems. still ahead of the security bugs that could affect millions of computers. of details computers out + 6.2 earthquake shakes central africa will show you more of a video of the next. africa will show you more of a video of the next.
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good morning the fbi is obsessed with frugal and apple over privacy issues related to smart phone. fbi director jim jacoby criticize out of good will for developing a smart phone encryption so secure it lophophores information cannot gain access to the phone. this same type of the stuff encryption is coming to close next operating system so there will not build open up the devices. the earliest that the ability to search message his photos and more is essential to keeping
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potential terrorist and burgers and at bay. the new warning is coming out about a security flop called- but. it poses a serious the threat to a computer's operating system. the bug could allow hackers to control of millions of computers from the world. the bad software does not run on windows computers0. black bear trend come relevant again. the past four sticks to
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the typical black hair design. the wider screen is to look federal documents and spreadsheets that casas larger better it will last longer. a pennsylvania woman being blamed for her own sexual assault. more after we come back.
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dear >> stanly roberts: 2000 people behaving badly0. if the he to do with this is a good carpenter can use them to take a ride it tore around san francisco. but guess they're
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writing one of those things played a bridge and imposing it on you to. maybe it's opposite say who knows what. however before they hit the bridge that took a ride where the driver had this to send. "i can have the feeling that this is not allowed" them that creek quick roll on the sidewalks. them back to the streets. going through stop
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signs. then i guess they hit the bay bridge which is pretty far from north beach. not only is driving and the bay bridge from the " from the go-karts company but is also against the law. at one point takeout trend emergency vehicle pass them and told them to get off the bridge . i spoke, managers of the " car with driver was a pay for the ticket and will forfeit the security of deposits. camille, kwan for morning moose i'm a doctor of internal medicine
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that's cartoonist drew near stuart breaking silence. with something terrible to admit. i treated thousands of patients, risked their lives, while high on prescription drugs. i was an addict. i'm recovered now, but an estimated 500,000 medical professionals are still out there, abusing drugs or alcohol. police, airline pilots, bus drivers... they're randomly tested for drugs and alcohol... but not us doctors. you can change that: vote yes on proposition 46. your lives are in our hands.
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we have some low clouds developing in the north and. we are stored in the morning of the slightly cooler weather. you also notice that it's not as lucky out there. we're and his hitting mostly cloudy skies with the possibility of thunderstorms along the coast line. however that this temper chance temper cent chance most of area will stay dry. we're looking forward to a pretty mild conditions and the weekend trade
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more details on what to expect coming up at 515. we're gonna be keeping a close eye on the golden gate bridge with the golden gate ferry on strike today. that means some 500 passengers who would otherwise be on the ferry might be here on the golden gate bridge. there are going to use the ferry terminal parking lot as parking writing centers. you will build their catch buses there. nonetheless many people may just drive today. currently though conditions are great. the space of a peninsula of all very light even 580 and highway 24. so far there's no problems for 11 southbound freight
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seymour about the morning ferry not running. threesome of those fares are not running it is because they need captains and those captains are refusing this job today. those being affected are the community.
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it will mending scene and taking a ticket from her car and pacing unto another car was caught. when a parking ticket meter saw her he went over to write her another ticket. she chatted away
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by running him over. the only way to avoid it was a toll on her car. he went over a mile before police stopped her. if you wanna hear more and go ahead and vote for web page. it is 55 percent contained this morning more than 8000 firefighters had to and the top and putting out the flames. yesterday's rain but the fear a flash flood because the area as some of the burnt out. 300 structures are still threatened by the blaze and over 12,000 yesterday morning. they're a little less worried about the neighborhood kearns.
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tony student breaking a silence all coming up will see what he has to say.
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it's been a pretty quiet start with the commute. and the at the concord just under 20 minutes. 15 minutes the san ramon track. his his mess car champion 20 studer breaking his silence about the crash of a fellow driver. stewart says last month's crash was 100 percent
5:12 am
and accident he said he will hearted police he did nothing wrong. he is asked for professional help to do a crash. more protests breakout overnight in fergus and misery at the the police chief publicly apologizes of the shooting of michael brown. it might also see the gaping hole to hole in the eastern part of the golden gate bridge trade will be the more expectations of one it will be finished.
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happening now military service
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closed down because of this strike. it's a one day strike. over 7000 pia people will be left stranded. buses will become and by. we're keeping a close eye on the story that will give you more on what's going on. it is 569 l and they're focusing on the weather this friday morning as well. the effect is hours a premise behind us. there's a slight possibility of a pop-up shore here. it will not bring the amount of random beside yesterday. we sense the moisture of shore that could land in a
5:17 am
few locations probably in the north bay. pfft kidron umbrella handy just in case. most of the bay area it looks like it's gonna be sunny and dry. with that said 73 i to them on view. tempters will be of little cooler alum use shoreline. upper 60s those '70s down towns have francisco. left to look ahead of the 78 forecast to lotus a pattern of morning fog and afternoon sunshine.
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as we continue keeping knuckled give bridge right with the ferry service the next the tendency of heck at home is a bridge. just to agree to respect human lord come early just in case. and fleet credit is a a less traffic and less concentrated commute. but in the year-end to the been a bridge in the second still very light wind at tracking in the problems. as for her commit to the richmond and center fell area was bound
5:19 am
traffic still pretty light and problem free. let's take a look at the heart of maps. we're accident free between hercules and berkeley. . renews off for aids have been stopped at chicago o'hare and airport because of fire here at the traffic control center. without fire one person was hurt and had to evacuate the area. so they're not sending any flights from o'hare to midway. it's the
5:20 am
second time in my life to something like this happened. we will follow the latest story. president roh, is placing attorney general miracle there fess. holder will be stepping down after six years of service. his agreed to stand a job until a successor is confirmed. new overnight priest engaged in an uneasy standoff. this
5:21 am
happened after several people were arrested. a scuffle broke out and some behind a peace chief. he agreed to walk with a demonstrator. the plea if please apologize for the problems that happened to put the death of the teenager however he said nothing like that is crap again. it's been more than a year-and-
5:22 am
a-half since cruise started. the seventh set 7 year-old span was taken down in reverse order of order from the way it was built. this amount 800 ft. gap in the middle of old span. the them that the demolition is 2 mi. lock and should be finished the 18th. the line i had some
5:23 am
francisco va and the lawsuit they have against them. golden gate ferry men and service today because of the strike of more of what that means and the commute from letter. ...we need to break up.
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>>: reporter: she was almost as close to wrapping and a car and
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driving to sampras's coach. they are not adding extra buses it's a 90,000 people last the morning moved on it could be a long line. these are joined with other union members. the buses would normally pull into the ferry terminal but not doing it today in honor of the picketer so it's going to be here if you have to park your car in the parking lot so be it. coming up at 6:00 a.m. will talk to the ferry captains and ask them why they are doing this and their message to the commuters.
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some problems on city streets in berkeley. the assignment desk here at kron 4 is looking into reports of police activity in berkeley that shut down the intersection of gilman and san pablo avenue and fact in the area around that intersection several blocks may be restricted to traffic flow. we do not know yet the nature of that police action. they're checking on that now. we should have more details.
5:34 am
bridge and the west bound ride as we are approaching the time we should see some big activity here. likely sitting the meter in lights activated on a typical day within the next 50 minutes at looks like a good bit uneasy ride.
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heart bleed security flaw. that was discovered early this year. the bass sought where does not run on windows computers.
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the games.
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chicago we have a look here at the flight center and of war. all flights in and out of chicago are stalled right now. there is a fire at the control center. the controls and all the flights and the air traffic all around the area. with this facility evacuated right now after a fire they've is grounded all flights. they're saying one person is her possibly self- inflicted wounds. this is the second time since may that there's been a fire at the control facility in the area.
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a first officer being driven away by a woman taking off. for the first time and never actual video showing that off serbian driven coastal mine on the hood of this woman's car. in nicosia on our web site.
5:47 am
again we could see a few thunderstorms later on today. again you concede to likely to attend percent chance. i think much of the bay area is going to be drive. we're focusing on the highs for to the cooler than normal. 76er high in santa clara. temperatures in the mid- 70s for san ramon valley. downtown service cisco with a high of 69 in mid '70s and nappa. here is that 71 of a forecast.
5:48 am
bay area but there is a problem on city streets in berkeley. there's a police investigation that is ongoing of the intersection of dylan and some possible avenue that a shutdown both. it shut down the intersection and streets in the area. we don't yet know the nature of this activity. although we've heard some suggestions about what might be going on here what you need to know is that somehow blue avenue is blocking and so was gilman east bound. there may be closures for several blocks.
5:49 am
mckee and iran live looks good. we take a look at the golden gate bridge with a ferry operators out on strike this morning we may see heavier traffic in marin and on the golden gate bridge.
5:50 am
31 year-old trooper shot and grew rich is is shooting at unarmed 35 role from feet away. that was on september 4th listen to the conversation between the officers. (audio) : reporter: that was the video
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for people like that around the. it's a go kart. you can use them to have guided tours around san francisco.
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street. (audio)
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with something terrible to admit. i treated thousands of patients, risked their lives, while high on prescription drugs. i was an addict. i'm recovered now, but an estimated 500,000 medical professionals are still out there, abusing drugs or alcohol. police, airline pilots, bus drivers... they're randomly tested for drugs and alcohol...
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but not us doctors. you can change that: vote yes on proposition 46. your lives are in our hands.
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